Lakewood United Methodist Church's -- The Gathering Place

In assocation with Interfaith CarePartners

  Lakewood’s Gathering Place was established by Pastor Holly Wilson.  In 2011 Holly saw a need for The Gathering Place at Lakewood.  She organized, talked, generated, motivated, and through the grace of God and hard work came up with a group of volunteers to start The Gathering Place.
She was our inspiration and guidance that has enabled our outreach program to be so successful.  Our small group has grown to over 45 dedicated volunteers that feel we are touched by God at every Gathering.  We plan, create, organize and then implement The Gathering Place in Founders Court.  We sing, do wonderful crafts, enjoy some exceptional entertainment, a delicious lunch served by our volunteers on real place settings, play many games to develop and maintain motor skill, and by the way, we also play Bingo.  Finally we close our day by gathering together and watching a presentation of our day’s activities.
By the time we are done for the day we have seen so many “God Moments” that we are almost ready to burst with love for this group of volunteers.
The second Monday of every month has turned out to be the best day ever!